top of page ensures any transaction you make with us is safe and secure. We value the confidence you develop in us. Please read this Payment Information and how we guarantee the protection.

What are the payment options that is offering me? 

You can shop with any of the following options at 

  1. Credit Cards - Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

  2. Debit Cards - More than 50 banks.

  3. Gift Cards, Coupons, and Vouchers of


Do you offer Cash on Delivery Payment Options (Cash / Card)?

No, we are not providing cash on delivery/card upon delivery as payment options at this time.

What should I keep my online transaction handy? 

  1. For Credit Cards keep the card with the details of the name, number, CVV, and date of expiry of the cardholder. Besides this, your 3D protected password / online authorization code ("OAC") is also needed.

  2. For Debit Cards keep your card with the information of the name, number, CVV, and date of expiry of the cardholder. You will be routed for 3D protected authorization to the bank site. So make sure to keep your OAC or IPIN handy. 

  3. You need to keep your account number and your password / IPIN handy for Net Banking.

Is my credit card, debit card, or net bank safe to use? 

Definitely. Truly. It's completely safe to shop with Transactions with are consistent with the global information security standards established for organizations that manage cardholder information through the industry-leading payment gateways. Be confident that your card or account details will be encrypted as it moves on the Internet making it safe and secure. ​


Does store information about my card or my account? does not collect or store information about your account at all.

Will I be asked by phone or email to share card details, account information, or passwords? 

You will never be asked by the team to share any of your payment information via email or by phone

How do purchases appear on my Credit Card / Bank statements on 

All purchases on will be put on your Credit Card / Bank statements under the heading Arvabil Dream Inception.

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